• Postpone Match (BGC Championship)

Postpone Match (BGC Championship)

As the present administrative team of the Thailand Ladies Professional Golf Association (Thai LPGA), led by Mr. Kritsada Tanvilai as President, is approaching the completion of its four-year term in March 2024, it has become imperative to initiate a General Election to establish a new administration in accordance with the Thai LPGA statutes. In alignment with the commitment to uphold the policies of the Thai LPGA and demonstrate respect for the forthcoming administration, the Thai LPGA deems it necessary to defer the press conference for the unveiling of the 2024 Tour schedule, originally scheduled for February 8, 2024. Consequently, the organization of the BGC Championship, initially set to take place between February 14-16, will be postponed. Nonetheless, please be assured that the Thai LPGA remains resolute in its dedication to hosting all scheduled tournaments in 2024. Members of the Thai LPGA will be promptly informed of any updates as the situation progresses. Thailand Ladies Professional Golf Association
Jan 25, 2024